SRC Feeds- Leading cattle feed manufacturer in India

We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of cattle feed in the entire North-East Indian market. Keeping our customers’ needs in our mindset, we offer high-quality products which are made from raw material enriched with the essential bodybuilders. India is the leading country when it comes to cattle inventory. To meet the needs of such a large number of cattle, we ensure fast production without compromising the quality. Our cattle feed are available in standard forms and customized forms for milking cows and calves.

We keep up a precise check to ensure our products are satisfying our customers' wants. Made under completely clean conditions, our nutritious cattle feed is asked for by various national & international businesses and individual farmers.

To protect up high yielding and ailment breeds, they need to be given rich grub routinely according to their necessities with a good amount of water. In cattle farming, two factors are kept in mind for the sustenance of dairy cows. The feed that is given must keep the animal strong similarly as it should meet the required qualities. Therefore, the animal feed fuses roughage (high fiber substance) and concentrates (high proteins and supplement content). In addition, supplements containing micronutrients are manufactured for your cattle.

Essentials of our Cattle Feed plant

Minerals are a need for bone development. Protein is used in the improvement of body tissues. Sugars are an essentialness hotspot for steers and make up the greatest piece of a cows diet. Yet, in some cases, cows may malnourished and may come up short on these fundamental elements for its development. With our modernized dairy cattle feed, positive cultivating is seen among our clients. Our feed for dairy cattle involves of energy ingredients, protein upgrades, mineral improvements, supplement upgrades, selenium, vitamin content, fiber upgrades, and carbohydrate upgrades. It is additionally made by using unrivaled quality grains, amino acids, supplements and minerals that help in weight gain and speedier advancement of your dairy cattle. Our feed helps in meeting the sustaining needs of your dairy cattle at each life-orchestrate and moreover, improving the up and coming age of the gathering up.

The advantages of utilizing our cows feed are many. The supporting feed will result in higher productivity over the farm, from diminished out-of-stash feed costs to extended salary from things sold as grass continued or common. The sustaining structure of grub settles on it a full feed decision for dairy cattle and will improve their general prosperity and execution. Our cow's diets will result in these guaranteed points of interest: Our item has dependably gotten together our clients' needs, as our proverb is to help all the steers’ ranchers of the nation. We additionally guarantee that our items are constantly moderate for our clients so they can purchase the important feed for their cattle.

SRC Feeds make a point to limit the utilization of synthetic concoctions in the creation of our cattle feed with the goal that it demonstrates productive for your steers. Thus producing good quality feeds to make sure your cattle are always in good health.

We are also launching a premium cattle feed under the brand Kissan No. 1 beside our existing popular brand Moti Dana.

Cattle Feed

Cattle Feed

Cattle Feed

Salient Features

Properly packaged in quality bag
Qualitative Cattle feed
Hygienically manufactured
Affordably priced
Highly nutritional
Completely natural

Available In

Customized form for milking cows and calves
Standard form