SRC Feeds- Leading Fish feed manufacturer in India

We are prime dealers of Fish Feed from North-East India, engaged in manufacturing and supplying it for various breeds of fish. Our Fish Feed is widely demanded in the market due to its quality and health benefits. It is manufactured using the finest raw materials, making it easy to consume and digest.

Aquaculture is one of the quickest creating development areas on the planet, and Asia by and by contributes about 90% to the worldwide generation. Like poultry farming, fish farming is also seen to be rising in huge figures in these recent years. Fish is rich in protein, sometimes making it a part of the daily meal in most of the coastal and Polar Regions. As we are figuring out how to cultivate the land reasonably with advanced means, so are we moving always intently towards reasonably cultivating our oceans and inland waters with advanced means. Aquaculture has favorable circumstances for recognizing buyers in the wording of supportability, wellbeing, reasonableness, recognizability, and biodiversity.

A good and healthy environment is a must when it comes to fish farming and so is good healthy feed. To help you with the feeding, we produce and export good quality feed. Always made from raw materials, we have been maintaining the quality.

Essentials of our fish Feed plant

Excellent fixings (fish supper, grains, vegetable proteins, etc) are chosen and ground, as indicated by the particular healthful and pellets, measure necessities of the sea-going animals. The molecule estimate dissemination is a key factor to create premium pulverizes: along these lines the granulating step is a critical unit task. The powder is then blended with minor fixings, for example, nutrients, mineral premixes… before the preconditioning. Next, the core of the procedure, expulsion cooking is done in phases in the fish feed machine: preconditioning, expulsion cooking and bite the dust finishing/molding. Thus, our fish feed is a balanced mixture of macro and micronutrients, natural and pure, free from adulteration.

We make a point to restrict the use of chemicals in the making of our daily fish feed with the objective that it shows beneficial for your fish. In this manner creating great quality feeds to ensure your business and pets are dependably healthy. Our fish feed has no side reactions and is always demanded by many customers in the market.

Fishes can be seen swimming actively, not simply hanging out or laying at the base after the consumption of our feed. They devour the fish feed routinely and swim to the surface rapidly amid nourishing time. Fish don't demonstrate any white spots or imperfections on their body but can be seen in good health. Our feed is the best for fishes kept in ponds, aquariums and breeding farms.

To ensure the best results for you, we manufacture our fish feed under strict supervision, using our high tech machinery. We care for your business as well as your pet fish. This is why make sure we are meeting your needs when it comes to delivering the promised quality feed.

Fish Feed

Fish Feed

Salient Features

Balanced mixture of macro and micro nutrients
Natural and pure Free from adulteration
Hygienically manufactured
Affordably priced
Helps in growth
Free from adulteration

Suitable For Fishes Kept In

Breeding farms